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Zone Control Systems

Most people are used to controlling the temperature of their homes through a traditional thermostat that uses a heating or cooling system to equalize that temperature throughout their home. This is convenient in that it for the most part guarantees your level of comfort will exist throughout the entire house, but is not entirely efficient, and certainly not the only option available. C & C Heating & Air Conditioning provides a number of zone control products and services that can promote higher efficiency and increase your home's comfort.

Choose Your Zone

Do you use one or a few rooms in your home more than the others? Do you prefer one room to be warmer or cooler than the others? Do you use a space heater often?

Zone control is worth consideration if these are questions that apply to you. With a single thermostat (or per-floor thermostats), controlling your heating or cooling system is a universal proposition that involves setting the same general temperature level for your entire home. This may seem the easiest and most convenient method, particularly if you have a large home, but is not cost effective when there are rooms you aren't using at a given moment that are still being temperature-controlled.

For example, consider an evening when you're winding down and getting into bed. It is unlikely the rest of your home is going to be used while you sleep, and you may want your room to be at a particular temperature, and the rest of the house to save energy when it's not being used. With normal thermostats, this is not possible. The same might be true of when you're watching TV, or spending a lengthy amount of time in any other room, such as the kitchen.

Zone Control Benefits

Compatible with most forced air central heating and cooling systems, the installation of a zone control system will allow you to mitigate the above situations by directly controlling what areas (zones) of your home are at what temperature, so you aren't wasting energy on empty or unused rooms. Zone control offers an amazing amount of temperature flexibility that is both efficient and convenient, and quite configurable, so zones need not always stay at the same temperature.

Zone control can even be programmed to heat up or cool down certain zones at certain times of the day, so your house can be warmed up or cooled down to your comfort level before you come home from work, after you go to bed, or even before your favorite TV show!

Generally, zone control systems allow between two and six different, configurable zones, which allows for a variety of "customizable" temperatures even within a large home. Individual people, even of the same family, can often feel temperature differently, so it's extremely convenient to be able to designate what parts of the house are cooler or warmer. This way, everyone can be happy and comfortable in a home, regardless of where they are.

Save Money Through Less Energy

Remember, zone control systems allow you to designate unused or lesser-used zones to stay at a neutral, ambient temperature, so they do not require the same use of energy as rooms that are being more temperature controlled. The installation of a zone control system will cost a bit extra, but as you can see, the long-term savings from energy efficiency far outclass the initial cost.

At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we recognize the individual needs of our customers, and so have available a wide array of zone control systems to match up with your needs. They can be added to existing heating and cooling systems, or added as part of a new installation. As always, our technicians are experienced and skilled with these systems, and will be happy to discuss with you the individual technical specifications and features of all the different available products and services we can offer.

So don't hesitate to give us a call, even if you're only wishing to learn more about zone control. We're always happy to answer all questions you may have in your search for the most efficient and comfortable temperature control systems for your home.
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