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C & C Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing expert and professional service across Southeast Michigan for more than 65 years. C & C Heating & Air Conditioning offers services including furnace installation, repair and maintenance; air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance; duct cleaning & filtration, HVAC installation, repair and maintenance.

The HVAC experts and field technicians at C & C Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. are highly trained and take pride in providing homeowners and business owners with the highest level of quality service with the highest quality products. We all know that unexpected breakdowns can occur which is why C & C Heating & Air Conditioning also provides our clients with 24/7 emergency service.

Whether you are experiencing the sweltering summer months that we go through in Michigan, or you are bundling up during the frigid winter months we experience in Michigan, you can trust C & C Heating & Air Conditioning to ensure your air conditioner or furnace are in tip top operating shape to provide you with the most comfort.

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