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Troy, MI

Without the right heating and cooling system, your home can be scorching hot in the summer or bitter cold in the winter. At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide several heating and cooling solutions to keep your home feeling comfortable. Our professional HVAC services are designed to suit your home or office needs in Troy. We offer 24/7 heating and cooling repair services in Michigan to help our customers day or night.

Maintain a Heating and Cooling System

Caring for the heating and cooling system in your home or office in Troy, MI, is essential to reduce energy costs and extend the life of your HVAC system. If you are not currently maintaining your HVAC system, it can lead to serious problems as a furnace can start to leak carbon monoxide into your home.  Replacing a new furnace is essential if your older one is starting to wear out. We provide a variety of quality heating products and services to suit your homes needs.

Cooling in Troy, MI

Going through the hot summers in Michigan without an effective cooling system can be difficult. Contact C & C Heating & Air Conditioning today as we can fix your cooling system today. We provide bi-yearly inspections of your cooling system to ensure it is working correctly. Older cooling systems need repairs or replacement to prevent high amounts of energy consumption. When you work with us, you will have a cool, comfortable environment to work in.

Heating in Troy, MI

If you are dealing with an older heating system, we can replace it promptly. An older heating system will increase the risk of serious health problems. Gas lines need to be maintained correctly to prevent leaks that cause carbon monoxide concerns. Heating units must receive regular inspections to improve the overall air quality in your home.

Improve Indoor Air Quality In Troy

Another important aspect of your heating and cooling system is to focus on the air quality. Indoor air quality concerns in Troy, MI, require more than replacing a furnace filter. We have the right cleaning equipment needed to remove dust and debris from your system. Keeping the coils clean on your cooling unit will help it to function properly. We will inspect and test the gas lines and search for any concerns with gas leaks and other air quality issues.

If you are ready to work on your home’s heating and cooling system call C & C Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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