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Warren, MI

Do you live in Warren, MI? Your heating and cooling system will require regular maintenance and upgrades to keep it functioning correctly. Our air conditioning and furnace experts can evaluate your homes current HVAC system to determine if you need repair or replacements. You are in good hands when you hire the experts at C & C Heating & Air Conditioning to care for your HVAC system. With over 65 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry, we have the knowledge and skills needed to complete any HVAC job.

Maintaining Your Warren Heating System

The cold winters in Michigan can be hard on your furnace. If you have an inadequate furnace system, it can easily break on a cold winter’s night. Our technicians are available to answer your furnace questions, and provide you with fast repair services. At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide service today and installation tomorrow. We provide a large variety of top furnace systems on the market designed to reduce your energy bill and keep your home warm. Call today to schedule a furnace cleaning and service to test the air quality and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Why You Need Air Conditioning Service

We recommend a yearly air conditioning service to charge the Freon and clean the system. Air conditioners often work around the clock to maintain a cool home. While it helps to improve the efficiency of your furnace by changing the air filter, you can drastically help your system with a thorough inspection and cleaning. We will check the exterior air conditioner unit to test for signs of wear and tear. Cleaning around the exterior of the unit will limit the amount of dust and debris that becomes lodged inside, running fan blades and other parts of a cooling system.

Indoor Air Quality Concerns

An older heating and cooling system can lead to concerns with your family’s health. A furnace with a simple air leak can cause toxic levels of carbon monoxide to be released into your home. Don’t place your family’s safety at risk! Contact C & C Heating & Air Conditioning today to inspect your system. Excess dust inside the heating and cooling system is concerning as it can increase problems with asthma and allergies.

C & C Heating & Air Conditioning offers 24/7 service. We are ready to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Call today to schedule an appointment for HVAC servicing in Warren.

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