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5 Ways to Reduce Heating and Cooling for Macomb, MI Homes This Spring

Mar 16 2015

Spring has finally begun, which means you’ll have to make some adjustments to maintain comfort in your home while keeping your monthly bills manageable. A Macomb, MI heating and cooling expert from companies like C & C Heating & Air Conditioning provides some useful tips for efficient energy consumption during these warm months.

# 1: Have your AC serviced.

Dirt that gets trapped on your AC filter causes the AC system to run longer and use more energy, according to GetRichSlowly.org. Regular replacement or cleaning can help reduce your energy consumption by up to 15%. Also, have the AC’s evaporator coil cleaned, so the system can perform at an optimal level. If you have time, learn about the basics of your air conditioning system to detect potential problems that may cause your cooling expenses to rise and call Macomb heating and cooling specialists to do the necessary repair/replacement.

#2: Use fans as leverage.

A ceiling fan allows you to raise the thermostat setting by up to 4°F yet still maintain a cozy indoor environment. When you leave the room, however, don’t forget to turn off the fan as this cools people through wind chill, and does not necessarily make the room colder. You may also reduce humidity by using fans in the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. Keep the fans dust-free to ensure that they’re working properly.

# 3: Upgrade your insulation.

Keep hot air from entering your home and cool air from escaping by ensuring proper insulation. To maintain an ideal air circulation, seal ducts, cracks, and other air leaks, and add weather-stripping to drafty windows and doors. Air loss through these often account for more than a quarter of the entire cooling system’s energy consumption. Also, find ways to make your windows more energy-efficient: repair or replace if necessary.

# 4: Use natural ventilation.

Another way to save energy in the mild-temperature spring is by taking advantage of natural ventilation. Turn off your air conditioner and let the breeze in during the night when the temperature drops and once you wake up in the morning, close the windows and blinds to keep the cool air in. This allows you to cool your home without requiring much work from your AC.

# 5: Set your thermostat efficiently.

The lesser the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature, the lower your cooling cost will be. Set your thermostat as high as possible and lower it only when you’re at home and actually need the cooling. This can help lower your energy cost by around 10%. Additional tip: avoid placing hot objects near the thermostat since it can sense the heat and make the AC operate longer than needed.

(Source: 10 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill, GetRichSlowly.org)

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