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Detroit, MI Heating and Cooling: What Happens During Maintenance?

Mar 19 2015

To ensure that your Detroit, MI heating and cooling systems don’t break down in summer or winter when you need them the most, they should undergo regular maintenance. It is recommended that you hire an HVAC professional who are extensively trained and experienced to handle the tasks involved in cleaning and tuning up. As a homeowner, it pays to understand your HVAC system and why the parts needed to be in well-calibrated condition. After all, you need to do your part as well to help prolong the life of your HVAC.

Controls and Electrical Components

The first thing the technician might do is to check your system for electrical problems; some of the most common issues with heating and cooling are electrical issues. Your technician will check your thermostat and the controls to make sure that they are in safe operating conditions and are functioning properly. Next, he will take a look inside where the wires and other components are located to measure voltage and replace faulty wires, if needed.

General Cleaning

Over time, dirt and debris accumulate along the different parts of the HVAC system, particularly the blower components, the heat pumps, and the furnace. Thorough cleaning for units exposed to the outside is required. Your technician will use tools to effectively dislodge anything that could be blocking the air flow to and from your house. Also, the filter that has accumulated dirt should be replaced.

Heating System Connections

The last thing you need is a problem with the connections of your heating system as this could potentially pose safety threats. Your technician will inspect gas connections, burner combustion, gas pressure, and other key connections to your system to make sure that they are not malfunctioning. If there are issues found, he might recommended getting replacement for the faulty parts.

Maintain Air Conditioner’s Refrigerant Levels

The HVAC contractor should also inspect your refrigerant lines outside the house. If there are any missing or damaged parts, they must be replaced immediately as they could contribute to system’s inevitable breakdown. It is also important to maintain the refrigerant at the appropriate levels to prevent straining the system that could end up spiking the household’s energy consumption.

Yearly maintenance is recommended for your HVAC system. Hire only trustworthy professionals from Detroit heating and cooling companies like C & C Heating and Cooling to get the appropriate preventive maintenance for your units.

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