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What Are the Signs that You Need AC Repair in Clinton Township, MI?

Mar 23 2015

In the advent of warm temperatures in the spring that will continue to climb until July, it is quite important that your air conditioner continues to run at utmost efficiency. Assuring that it not only keeps your home’s temperature comfortably cool, but also takes care of maintaining good indoor air quality.

If your air conditioner has faulty components or damaged wiring, it will not be able to attain comfortable temperatures for your rooms or at least not as quickly as you would like. Since most homeowners don’t have the experienced ears and eyes of HVAC technicians, they may wonder whether they are just imagining the problems or there is really a need for repairs from a Clinton Township, MI heating and cooling company. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to detect and confirm if your air conditioning has any problems. Here are some tips:

Warning Signs of Repair Needs

Home Warranty Reviews posted an article that lists six warning signs that an air conditioner needs repairs. The most obvious one is the absence or reduction of cool air, which simply means that the unit or system is not doing its job. Other signs are thermostat inconsistencies, poor air flow, suspicious odors, noisy operation, and out-of-place moisture.

The air conditioner is a pretty complex piece of technology. The problem signs stated above could spring from different sources. Sometimes, the trouble is due to the power lines (i.e. your unit is not receiving its needed power to operate). Problems may also be caused by failure in the compressor or due to low Freon levels. Unusual noises usually mean that the components within your unit are grinding or moving in a way that they shouldn’t be. Odors may come from burnt out wires. If the smell is musty, there’s probably mold growth inside your unit. Moisture can appear where it isn’t supposed to be if there are leaks, clogs, or other tubing problems.

Whichever the problem and source, the signs enumerated above point to the need for Clinton Township, MI AC repairs. The complexity of an air conditioner means it’s not advisable to try and fix it yourself, unless you are an AC technician. It’s best to seek expert attention provided by heating and cooling companies, such as C & C Heating and Air Conditioning. It is also recommended to have maintenance done on the unit at least once or twice a year.

(Source: 6 Signs That Your Air Conditioning System Is In Need Of Repairs, Home Warranty Reviews)

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