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Are Heater Tune-Ups Necessary?

Nov 04 2015

In late summer and early fall, there are plenty of offers for residents to get a heater tune-up in Roseville. They might be advertised on TV, the radio, or through direct mail advertisement. Some homeowners may wonder if these offers are worthwhile or just a way for heating companies to drum up more business. Actually, a yearly tune-up can help keep families safer, lower utility bills, and even increase the lifespan of a heater.

Heater Tune-Ups Reduce the Risk of Emergency Repairs

Taking the time to have a heater checked and maintained in late August or early September is much better than needed to make an emergency call in the middle of December or January. Many problems can get headed off by simple maintenance tasks. Also, trained technicians can spot minor issues before they turn into a broken heater on a cold day.

Inspections Can Reduce the Risk of Fire Hazards

Most homeowners don't spend much time thinking about their furnaces. However, these appliances burn fuel, and they run constantly during the coldest months. The risk of fires or gas leaks from malfunctioning heaters is very real. Scheduling a yearly inspection can help keep families safe.

Reduce Fuel Bills With a Maintained Furnace

Homeowners may not really notice an increase in fuel consumption every winter. This is because people just expect utility bills to increase over time. However, as the heating system loses proper airflow or get dirty, the heater has to keep working harder to do the same job. When the units are cleaned and maintained properly, they don't have to work as hard. This means that they consumer less power. In addition, the system is likely to last longer without needing repairs.

Are Yearly Tune-Ups Expensive?

Most AC and heating companies run fairly affordable deals for yearly maintenance. The companies do want to attract new customers by offering a valuable service at an affordable price. The good thing for consumers is that these inspections actually help reduce the chance of spending more money on an expensive repair or new heater. In any case, if the appointment can

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