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The Best Ways to Maintain an AC Unit

Nov 04 2015

People who would prefer not to perform their own AC maintenance can simply take advantage of specials for air conditioning service in Rochester Hills. Every spring, local companies will send out mailers about advertised specials. This gives homeowners a chance to get their spring AC maintenance done, and it gives the companies a chance to expand their list of customers.

For those folks who prefer to do their own maintenance, there are some essential things to check each spring. Of course, any major repairs will probably still require the services of a trained tech. However, it is helpful to understand what these cooling systems need to stay running at peak efficiency.

Changing AC Filters

The simplest and cheapest thing that homeowners can do is make sure that filters get changed regularly. These filters get clogged up and make the entire AC unit work a lot harder. By changing filters on schedule, homeowners can help improve their own air conditioner's lifespan and efficiency.

One thing that homeowners might notice is that these filters come in all sorts of price ranges. Are the most expensive AC filters better than the cheaper ones? Actually, some professional technicians will tell people that it is fine to buy the cheaper filters and just change them more often.

Quite often, the more expensive ones that advertise that they come with HEPA filters will reduce airflow and can actually be bad for an AC system. Since cheaper filters should only cost a dollar or two, it actually works out much cheaper to just change them every 30 days or so when the AC is used frequently.

Other AC Maintenance

Most other maintenance requires shutting off the power and unscrewing fans or other parts. It is usually more convenient to have a trained technician come and do the job. At the same time, these AC professionals can inspect the system to make sure it is not likely to fail soon, runs efficiently, and is clean. Very often, a periodic service from a local AC company can help head off major problems. Getting a routine service done will always work out to be cheaper than needing an emergency repair on a hot summer day.

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