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How Often Should Home AC Systems Get Serviced?

Nov 04 2015

In the months of late spring or early summer, residents of the community may see a lot of offers for air conditioning service in Farmington Hills. The question in many of these homeowner's minds is how often this kind of routine service actually needs to get done. While the right answer might depend upon the type and age of the system, the answer from air conditioning professionals is usually about the same.
With fairly new or older units, it might be a good idea to have the entire air conditioning system professionally inspected and maintained at least once a year. It makes sense to have this work done just before the unit will get used a lot. Typically, this is the last months of spring or first months of summer. That usually coincides with the time that local AC companies will offer discounts on these routine services.

What's Included in an AC Service Call?

Of course, different air conditioning companies might offer slightly different services in their service calls. However, they usually package a fairly typical combination of maintenance with a yearly AC checkup. The cost for this visit might range from about $50 to $100. Many companies will credit the price against any additional repairs that they suggest and the homeowner agrees to.

Air Conditioning System Cleaning

A basic visit should include a cleaning. Over time, dust and debris can accumulate in the system and reduce its efficiency. It might also make the quality of indoor air poorer. Eventually, this dirt can clog the system, reducing efficiency and causing malfunctions.

Visual Inspection of the Entire AC System

A technician can spot minor problems to fix on the spot. Very often, these quick fixes can help prevent breakdowns later in the summer. The luxury of avoiding most emergency repairs makes the fairly modest price of a checkup well worth it.

Other Advantages of AC Service Calls

Of course, air conditioners might still have problems. Most of the time, companies will offer their previous customers preferred scheduling for breakdowns that might occur when these companies are really busy. The routine visit can also give people a chance to meet representatives from an air conditioning company to be sure that this is the company they would chose to call when they do need a new AC system or major work done.

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