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Getting Emergency Air Conditioning Service in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Dec 08 2015

In a perfect world, a homeowner would be able to tell if their air conditioner was about to break down. After all, it’s almost impossible to get an air conditioning technician from a company in Rochester Hills, Michigan to come out in the middle of a sticky and disgustingly warm summer night or on the eve of that big house party, right? Actually, it isn’t. Some companies in the area offer 24/7 emergency services and won’t charge customers extra.

Still, to save everyone the trouble, a homeowner actually can learn to identify some signs that their old AC unit is about to break down. Do be aware that these are only meant to last for 10 years, some for 15. The older they get, the better chances of permanent failure. Newer units that are exhibiting these signs just likely need a repair and they’ll be as good as new.

One simple sign to look out for is how cold the house is. With central cooling, all rooms should get colder at just about the same time. Depending on the air conditioning settings, rooms should be cold, not just a touch chilly. Walk through each room of the house. Are they all equally cool? Do they still feel a bit humid, as if the AC isn’t working at capacity?

Similarly, wait to turn on the AC one day. Adjust the thermostat and go wait in an adjacent room. Time how long it takes for that room to go from muggy to comfortable to cool. Does it take more than a few minutes? If so, this is another subtle signal that the air conditioner is straining to do basic functions that shouldn’t take long. Both of these signs are not extremely obvious, but they’re very telling.

For a much more obvious signal, listen to the unit as it begins working. If there’s a lot of audible chugging, thumping, thudding, or grinding where none ever existed before, this is problematic. Again, it’s indicative that something is making the AC work harder than before just to cool the house.

Go stand by a vent. How does the air pressure feel? It shouldn’t necessarily be a forceful gust of cold air, but a pretty substantial one. If the air coming out of the vents feels like a dull breeze, if that, it’s time to contact an air conditioner repair technician in Rochester Hills. Some of these problems may just be caused by dirty parts while other issues may be more serious. With 24/7 service, don’t wait too much longer to find out.

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