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Don't Wait Until It's Too Late for an AC Tune-up in Roseville, Michigan

Dec 10 2015

Many homeowners religiously count on their air conditioners in the heat of the sweltering summer sun. However, once September or October arrives and autumn cools down the temperatures, this unit is all but forgotten about until next spring. While this behavior may be passable for new AC units, a homeowner is bound to find one summer that their air conditioner no longer works.

With this may come a lot of questions and frustration. After all, the last time they checked, their AC was fine. What happened now? How can get they get it fixed ASAP? While having the phone number of an air conditioning repairperson is always wise, many of those same companies in Roseville, Michigan also offer AC tune-ups. It is this very maintenance that prolongs the life of the air conditioner not only in the off-season but during the hotter months as well.
Of course, the average homeowner may not know how often to schedule such maintenance. In the interest of saving money on huge repairs or even a replacement, they should speak to their Roseville AC technician and ask.

Generally though, it is recommended that these specialists come out at least annually. A homeowner that wants to book a tune-up twice a year could certainly do so just to be on the safe side. During this routine maintenance and inspection, the technician will inspect all parts of the AC unit to ensure that they’re working optimally. They will also clean out the vents and other parts where dust, dirt, gunk, and other debris can clog up the inner workings of the air conditioner. It’s best to schedule this maintenance in the spring right before the air conditioner will be working a lot over the summer.

A homeowner may think that they can save money if they just take care of the tune-up themselves, but there’s a few reasons why this just isn’t wise. First, a technician knows all parts of the unit. A homeowner probably doesn’t. The technician is aware of just how to access and clean all parts. If a homeowner rushes or tries too hard, they could cause damage to the AC, forcing the need for expensive repairs. That defeats the whole purpose of saving money.

Those who can’t remember the last time that they’ve gotten an air conditioner tune-up should contact a Roseville air conditioning and heating company. Such a company may also handle repairs, replacements, and installations for air conditioners, heaters, boilers, thermostats, and furnaces. Call or email today to learn more.

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