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As one of the most popular of traditional home heating products, there an abundance of options when it comes to selecting a furnace that is right for your needs. Frankly, it can be quite overwhelming when sorting through all of the options! Regardless of your specific need – be it a desire for a new furnace for a replacement installation or a new home, or you're simply seeking advice about your existing furnace – C & C Heating & Air Conditioning is ready for your call! We have a variety of installation, repair, and maintenance services for our customers in the Detroit metropolitan area, and we're always happy discuss options.

For our replacement installation service, we take care of the entirety of the installation process, including the removing and disposal of your old system. Naturally, any time you need maintenance or repairs, we'll be ready and waiting to take your call!

Kinds of Furnaces

Fuel source is typically the first thing to think about when deciding on a furnace for your home, as fuel source limits the options available. For example, furnaces can run on natural gas, oil, or electricity, some of which may be more abundant or limited in your particular area, so you're going to want to pick the right fuel type that is easiest for you to use, replenish, and so on. As for the most efficient of these options, gas tends to be the most popular, but requires a natural gas supply line or some other means of access to the fuel.

This is not to say that other fuel types are not energy efficient at all, as this is simply not true. Electric furnaces remain quite energy efficient, and as electricity is readily available for most customers, this is an easy fuel source to use. However, electricity tends to be the most expensive of the fuel options, though there are areas where electricity costs are relatively low.

Price v. Efficiency

While there are furnaces on the market that are extremely fuel efficient (some gas furnaces are almost 98% fuel efficient!), the downside of such efficiency is the immediate cost of investment– very efficient furnaces have a high initial price. It can become increasingly expensive to heat large spaces or large homes with such high-efficiency systems, though the systems are saving you money on energy bills in the long-term.

Strictly speaking, however, unless you intend to make frequent use of your furnace, having a super energy efficient model isn't entirely necessary. There's a balance to strike between high efficiency and monthly savings vs. initial cost, with the size of your home being taken into account, as well as the frequency of its use. One of our technicians at C & C Heating & Air Conditioning can help you weigh the benefits of all the options.

We Make Sure it's Done Right

Like the installation of most HVAC systems, you want to make sure it's done well and correctly the first time, so there aren't problems later. With C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we want to make sure our customers have been provided with the best product and service, so you can be confident and assured that your system will work well for years to come. Consider an annual maintenance appointment so we can keep an eye on your system's efficiency to make sure you don't see a sudden increase in your energy bills as well! Remember, whenever you need maintenance or repairs, C & C Heating & Air Conditioning is only a call away!
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