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Heating Replacement

Your home's heating system can lead to serious health risks if you do not maintain it correctly. The cost of replacing a heater can be a surprise if you are not ready for it. At C & C Heating & Cooling, we provide a full-range of services to repair or replace your home’s heating and cooling system. Here are some things to consider when you are ready to replace your home’s furnace.

Costs and Options

We carry some of the top name brands in the heating and cooling industry. When you are searching for a new system, always consider the output of the system and its energy efficiency. A system that does not have the right technology can end up consuming more energy than it provides. The cost of a new furnace can be expensive, which is why we can help. Ask out our payment programs to make affording the cost of a new furnace affordable for your financial situation.

Age of Your Furnace

You may be wondering why you need to replace a 20 year-old-furnace if it is functioning properly. Even if the system seems to work great, it can have serious risks to your health. A small gas leak can increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Older furnaces are also at-risk for fires as their interior coils and fans are dirty. Dust can become kindling for a furnace, making it easy for a major fire to erupt at any time.

A new furnace will reduce energy consumption, increase the hot air output, and will reduce the health risks for your family. Modern systems are compact and will not take up as much room as the older units. Contact us to learn about the furnace models we currently carry.

Maintaining a Furnace

We recommend homeowners keep the area around the furnace clean. Debris too close to the furnace can lead to a fire. The furnace must have room to breathe to function properly. Change your air filter monthly to improve the efficiency of your system.

For more information about how to maintain a heating and cooling system, call C & C Heating & Air Conditioning today (586)296-1800.

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