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Heating System Installation

Do you need a new heating system installed?  At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer solutions to all your HVAC needs. From furnace repairs to furnace replacement or air conditioning replacement, we can provide repair today and replacement tomorrow! We know some heating system repairs and replacements can be difficult, which is why we have skilled technicians to work with a variety of different systems.

Schedule An Inspection

The best way to determine which heating system you need installed in your home is to schedule an appointment for a furnace evaluation. We will inspect your current furnace for signs of problems including gas leaks. If your furnace is older and in need of replacement; we will discuss different options that are available to fix your homes heating problem. Schedule an appointment in the spring or fall when you are not using your heating system frequently. This is the best way to guarantee your family will not freeze if we need to replace your entire furnace system.

Choosing A Furnace

We will sit down with you to discuss your home's heating and cooling needs. Choosing a modern heating and cooling system will reduce the energy consumption, and will properly distribute heat through your home. If you do not have an effective heating system, your energy costs can triple. We use heating systems that are compatible with your current cooling system. If we suspect the cooling system is aging as well, we will recommend different cooling replacement options to keep your energy costs lower.

Stay Safe

Homeowners can help their furnace systems last longer by caring for them correctly. Change the air filter monthly and reduce your thermostat setting. This is a great way to reduce the amount of wear and tear on your furnace, preventing it from failing too early. Having the air quality tested is a great way to ensure you are not breathing air that is toxic to your health. For additional tips and information on how to choose a new furnace for your home, call C & C Heating and Air Conditioning today (586) 296-1800.

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