Supply Chain Issues Requires Ordering HVAC Maintenance Sooner

March 1, 2022
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The news is replete with stories about a labor market shortage, rising costs and the inability of many American businesses to get parts and materials shipped into the country. This has resulted in a shortage of cars, building materials and even potatoes.

Unfortunately, these supply chain issues have not bypassed the home service industry. Homeowners can expect to see parts shortages just as they are preparing to order repairs and maintenance on their air conditioning systems for the warmer months.

At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we suggest that homeowners start scheduling any maintenance or repair services now to avoid running into a possible parts shortfall.

Ongoing Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain problems began just after the COVID-19 pandemic struck and caused a shortage in vital medical supplies; however, government lockdowns worldwide and even a ship stuck in the Suez Canal created further delays in the shipping of materials and parts needed to finish projects here at home.

The biggest issue facing HVAC companies is the microchip shortage that is also stalling auto manufacturers around the world. Many essential components of HVAC systems require these microchips or semiconductors and completed new and replacement parts are sitting idle while awaiting these items for completion. Other parts are also in limbo because of shortages of raw materials like copper, steel, aluminum and plastic.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance Soon

What this means for our customers is this: if you are planning to order maintenance service for your air conditioning later this spring, you may want to consider ordering the service now. While we do have parts in stock currently, we are unsure when we will be receiving replacements.

Homeowners can also provide some preventative maintenance to keep their HVAC systems running well until the supply chain issues are resolved. This can include keeping the unit clean, the filters changed and vents free from debris.

The supply chain issue is not as dire as it was in the fall of 2021 and parts are starting to move into the country faster, but we expect delays in receiving parts and materials as this plays out. Just remember that lead times for repairs can be longer and costs may be higher as a result. Be proactive about your needs and try to get your air conditioning unit serviced as soon as you can.

Please visit our website or contact us at (586) 439-3319 to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment.

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