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Air Conditioning FAQs

Why are Tune-Ups or Maintenance for My Air Conditioning System Important?

Keep in mind that air conditioning systems can run for thousands of hours over the course of a year. For much the same reason you wouldn't want to drive your car for thousands of miles without a tune-up or checkup, annual tune-ups of your air conditioning system will prevent it from losing as much as 5% efficiency every year it does not receive maintenance. Regular tune-ups also prevent shortened equipment life and inconvenient and expensive breakdowns, while also promoting fewer service problems, lower energy bills, an overall safer system, and keeping warranties valid.

Notably, regularly visits afford technicians the opportunity to check for and spot any problems that might have otherwise gone unnoticed, such as parts that are wearing out too quickly. This allows them to correct the problem during the tune-up, thus preventing them from causing more serious malfunctions in the system that can cost you both time and money.

Minor repairs caught during annual tune-ups are almost always less expensive than ones that will likely occur if a problem is allowed to persist. There's also the added benefit that routine maintenance can occur by appointment, and will fit nicely into your schedule, whereas emergency repairs are unexpected, inconvenient, and will often ruin your day.

Do Some Air Conditioning Manufacturers or Brands Last Longer Than Others?

Most air conditioning systems last between 10 and 15 years. With regular maintenance and repair, they have the potential of lasting even longer. However, yes, some manufacturers or brands do fare better than others over the years, which is why we stick to and only recommend the most reliable air conditioning systems available. Keep in mind though that manufacturer or brand is only one of many factors when it comes to air conditioning system performance and reliability; system design and quality craftsmanship also weigh upon the life of air conditioning systems.

When Should I Consider Replacing My Air Conditioning System?

There are several factors to keep in mind when considering a replacement air conditioning system. Naturally, if your system has been demanding an abundance of repairs over a short amount of time, it's probably an indicator your system is on its way to failure.

In the event you're only having to deal with an abundance of minor repairs, it may still be in your best interests to invest in a new system that is more energy efficient. In the long term, the money you would have spent on repairs of the old system will go towards the new system, which in turn will be saving you money on your energy bills, and may eventually pay for itself.

In general, efficiency is the main reason to consider a new system if repairs and maintenance are not at issue, as technology improves every few years, and there are always better systems on the market that can save you money. In this vein, at about the 10 year mark of your current system, we suggest seriously considering a new system, as the newer system will be immensely more efficient than your old one, and as stated, will save you quite a bit of money in the long term.

What Kind of Air Conditioning System is Best for Me?

In general, it's often best to call an HVAC company that is willing to work with you in designing a system customized to your home and budget. This way you can discuss your options with experienced technicians who are aware of and up-to-date with all the new advances in the industry. There are a surprising amount of comfort options currently available, many of which are highly efficient, and are only likely to improve as better technology is developed in the coming years.

We have provided an overview of the kinds of air conditioning systems currently available on this webpage, so please browse those links if you're looking for ideas and the ballpark of what's available. At any time, feel free to call us at C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, and we will be happy to work with you to determine the exact system and setup that will fit your needs.

How Do I Know What Size of Air Conditioning System Would be Best for My Home?

There is no easy way to determine the size of an air conditioning system for a particular house, as there are many factors to take into account, such as the capacity of the air conditioning system itself, the size and dimensions of your home, how many vents there are or will be, among others. At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we have expert technicians who are experienced with industry-recognized formulas (load calculation) that can calculate the type and size of any air conditioning system you will need.

An inappropriately-sized system can quickly lead to issues such as decreased comfort, increased humidity levels in the summer, increased energy usage and equipment failure, and a shortened life span of the system, in general. To avoid these problems, simply give us a call.

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