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HVAC Service

HVAC Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping your HVAC system working correctly and reliably. Like your car, a commercial HVAC system needs maintenance tune-ups to avoid more costly problems down the road. Pre-scheduled maintenance on your HVAC equipment will save you money, time and the frustration of an untimely breakdown.  Call your Roseville HVAC company C & C Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule a maintenance appointment today.

Heating and Cooling Challenges

Inconsistent temperature control and office staff who are frequently adjusting the thermostat are signs that you may need to upgrade or replace your HVAC equipment. Why not contact C & C, your Roseville HVAC specialists, to have one of our trained, professional technicians test your equipment and make recommendations on updates using state-of-the-art HVAC equipment. Our team only recommends the most energy efficient HVAC equipment available and we only recommend what you actually need.

Commercial HVAC Systems

Unlike heating and cooling your home, office buildings and factories offer greater challenges. The space between cubicles, the long distance of duct work and the vast sizes of common areas require expert design and installation to achieve the best results. By pinpointing problem areas and using automated systems, you can start saving money on your heating and cooling bills. Also, new commercial HVAC systems are designed for easier maintenance that can adjust for time of day usage requirements thereby maximizing your energy savings. Only depend on a heating and air conditioning company with experience to meet your needs.

HVAC Installation

Whether you operate a restaurant, factory, school, hospital or other type of commercial facility, we have the right equipment for you and the trained, professional staff to do the installation properly. Our goal is to maximize comfort within your building while lowering your heating and cooling bills. By replacing outdated thermostats, implementing automatic controls, replacing old blowers and other components, our installation team will improve your operation as well as keep indoor air quality high.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Filter Capacity – it is very important to select the best filter capacity for your HVAC equipment. Understanding the industry standard (Merv rating) of 11 or above is recommended. This insures efficiency as well air quality.

  • Filter Replacement – filters need to be replaced regularly. Depending on the particulate matter in your environment, filters should be replaced every 1 – 6 months to ensure optimum operation. C&C has a broad range of filters to meet your specific needs.
  • Clean Evaporator and Condenser Coils – at least once or twice a year. Evaporator coils that are constantly wet will tend to grow mold. As well, the supply side of the coil in contact with warm, humid air can get past filters. The condenser coil can degrade as well.
  • Treat coils after cleaning – antimicrobial treatments help to reduce the production of mold.
  • Inspect area around intake – at least twice a year. Look for water pools and other signs of problems.
  • Other things to look for include: inspecting fan, bearing and belts; cleaning air ducts; performing ongoing quality assurance audits; and of course hearing people’s complaints.

C & C Heating & Air Conditioning is available to meet all of your HVAC equipment and service needs in: Roseville, Fraser, Clinton Township, Warren, Grosse Pointe, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Auburn Hills, Beverley Hills, and Canton.


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