5 Air Conditioning Myths That are Costing You Money

July 6, 2023

Now that we are in the middle of summer, you’re probably looking for ways to stay cool that aren’t going to break the bank.

At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that it is important to keep your family comfortable while still trying to find ways to keep your cooling bill down to more affordable levels. So, with that in mind, we’ll explore five myths about cooling your home that are costing you money.

1. Your home will cool faster if you turn your thermostat way down.

The truth is that even if you turn your thermostat down as far as it will go, it will still continue to cool at the same pace. It’s better to get your home to the temperature you want early and moderate the thermostat to keep that temperature throughout the rest of the day. A more constant temperature keeps your utility bill from spiking.

2. Turning off the AC when you’re not home saves you money.

Just like turning your thermostat way down may end up costing you more money, so does turning it off completely. That just means the unit has to work harder to cool your house off once you return. It’s better to program your thermostat so that it’s set a few degrees higher when you’re not home than to turn it off completely.

3. Bigger AC units perform better.

Your air conditioning unit should be matched for your home size and family size. If you have a small home but are using a unit that is more apt for a larger house, you may be putting undue pressure on your compressor. An AC unit that is too big for the cooling space will turn itself off and on quickly, which will wear out the compressor. This results in more frequent repair or replacement costs.

4. Air filters don’t have to be changed often.

A clean air filter is crucial for the health of your air conditioning unit. While most air filters suggest that you change them every three months, you may want to consider replacing them monthly when you’re using your AC more often. Dust and dirt accumulation can make your system have to work harder, which costs you more money.

5. Tune-ups are a waste of time and money.

If you have a newer AC unit, you may be tempted to believe that you don’t need to have yearly maintenance. But, the truth is that if you want to maintain your new AC’s high-performance rating, keeping it tuned up is one of the best things you can do. After all, you still take your car in for periodic oil changes and check-ups, even if the car is new. The same is true of new cooling systems.

In addition to these five myths, homeowners should also take other precautions to seal their homes against outdoor air and limit drafts. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, sealing your home and insulating attics, crawlspaces and basement joints can save you an average of 15% on your cooling costs.

And, if you need AC repair or are considering a new unit, C & C wants to be your go-to cooling expert. We have been offering personalized service to the metro Detroit area since 1948 and remain locally owned. Give us a call at (586) 439-3319 to schedule an appointment today.


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