6 Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s HVAC System

April 19, 2023
HVAC Replacement in Detroit, MI

Of all the ways to improve your Detroit, Michigan home, replacing your HVAC system is easily the most rewarding. If performed correctly, this is an upgrade that can enhance the value and marketability of your property. You and all other building residents will breathe easier, enjoy higher levels of comfort, and have the opportunity to reduce your collective carbon footprint with minimal effort. Following are six outstanding benefits that HVAC replacement can provide.

1. A More Efficient HVAC System Will Cut Your Overhead Costs

It’s estimated that HVAC use accounts for 50% of the average household’s home energy bill. Unfortunately, many furnaces and air conditioners lose about half of their efficiency after 10 years of service. Worse still, these efficiency losses are a progressive issue until heaters and air conditioners reach the ends of their life spans.

Although the up-front cost of replacing outdated HVAC equipment can be daunting, the long-term financial rewards of this improvement are definitely worthwhile. Not only do newer heaters, heat pumps, and ACs perform better than units that have already been working hard for a decade or more, but they’re also rich with the latest refinements, features, and technologies.

In 2023, HVAC manufacturers are required to adhere to the enhanced standards of the SEER2 rating system. Even if your old HVAC system had an appreciably high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), all new heat pumps and air conditioners are subject to more rigorous and accurate SEER2 testing. Whereas SEER measures how efficient cooling units are over a single cooling season, SEER2 additionally accounts for the stress that’s applied by connected ducting and the energy loss experienced during air distribution. The switch to SEER2 ratings also comes with more stringent requirements for efficiency nationwide. The result is better value, smaller carbon footprints, and lower spending on energy overall.

2. Enjoy Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air

HVAC equipment should be professionally serviced and cleaned once each year. HVAC air ducts should be cleaned about once every three to five years. However, even the most diligent maintenance won’t eliminate the need to replace HVAC features every 15 to 20 years. Not only will new heating and cooling equipment work more efficiently, but it will also have a better impact on your IAQ. With a new heater and AC, and new or retrofitted ducting, you won’t have to worry about trapped contaminants and allergens being circulated throughout your living environment.

3. Streamline Your HVAC System to Better Support Your Needs

Are you interested in whole-house air purification, dehumidification, or air cleaning? If you’re ready to experience the benefits of integrated indoor air quality (IAQ) accessories, replacing your HVAC system will provide the perfect opportunity to establish a seamless setup with optimized performance. When we perform your HVAC upgrade, we can also install a media filter, air scrubber, or air purifier while ensuring balanced air pressure in your HVAC air ducts, minimal system stress, and outstanding results.

This is also a good time to consider zoning your ductwork for customized heating and cooling throughout the building. You can add a smart or programmable thermostat for better control over indoor temperatures while you’re away or when your daily schedule changes. Putting a new air conditioner and heater in gives you the chance to make HVAC refinements that perfectly support the preferences and needs of everyone in your household.

4. Lower Your Ongoing Repair Costs

Having new HVAC equipment put in means being able to sidestep the often-considerable costs of heater and air conditioner repairs. For the first several years of use, your new units will require little more than routine maintenance. Moreover, if any problems do arise throughout this time, they’ll likely be covered by your manufacturer warranties. This could mean having extra money for improving other areas of your home or saving for a rainy day.

5. New HVAC Equipment Will Offer Quieter Operation

There’s also the fact that new heaters and air conditioners are much quieter during operation than older models. When your HVAC system is turned on, you’ll still be able to converse with other building residents without shouting. You can enjoy your favorite television programs or relax with a good book, without listening to loud banging, clanging, rattling, or humming sounds.

Reduced HVAC noise also comes with fresher-smelling air. This is especially true when HVAC upgrades are paired with air duct replacement or air duct retrofitting. Even when your heater, heat pump, or AC is first turned on for the season, your home won’t be flooded with dusty, moldering smells that pervade every corner of your living environment.

6. Make Your Home More Marketable

Whether you intend to sell your home now or within the next five to seven years, this is an upgrade that will make it much easier to offload. Modern buyers are looking for smart and efficient systems and appliances that reduce their energy use and keep their overhead costs manageable. The same benefits of HVAC replacement that appeal to you will definitely prove appealing to prospective buyers in the near future.

Expect the Unexpected: Optimizing the Benefits of HVAC Replacement

Upgrading HVAC equipment isn’t as simple as lifting old heating and cooling units out and placing new models in. Over the more than 10 years that have passed since your current HVAC equipment was installed, furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners have changed quite a bit. The new models going into your home could be much larger than your old ones. Moreover, they’ll also have their own ductwork requirements.

It’s important to be ready for the unexpected. You may need to increase or decrease the storage area for your heating and cooling units, and it could be necessary to make a few slight building modifications. It’s also vital to note that just like heaters and air conditioners, HVAC ductwork has a finite life span too. If you haven’t had your air ducts replaced in more than 20 years, it may be best to opt for full-on duct replacement during this project rather than simply retrofitting your current air distribution system. The good news is that making all of these changes at once will ensure that your new equipment works seamlessly together and that it’s able to deliver optimum levels of efficiency.

Choose the Right Contractor for Your HVAC Replacement Project

The only way to enjoy these and many other benefits of HVAC replacement is by choosing the right contractor for the job. Purchasing high-performing and feature-rich heating and cooling equipment won’t do much good if it isn’t installed correctly. It’s important to work with an HVAC company that can offer a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. From retrofitting and replacing ductwork to enhancing IAQ, we do it all. Getting all of the services you need from a single entity will simplify your replacement project, limit your costs, and ensure the right outcome. When you work with us, you’ll have access to an expansive range of equipment types, amazing heater, AC, and heat pump options at multiple price points, and more.

We work hard to help residents of Detroit, Michigan save money, optimize their home comfort, and remain up to date with the latest efficiency requirements. We offer air conditioner, furnace, and heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair services. We also provide air duct repair, air duct replacement, and indoor air quality solutions. If you’re ready to replace your home’s HVAC system, contact C & C Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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