Ask These Questions Before Hiring Your Duct Cleaner

July 20, 2022
Questions to ask your HVAC company in Roseville, MI

Dust, pollen, debris, and pet dander are just a few airborne particles prevalent in your home’s air. As these impurities accumulate inside your ducts over time, less air will travel through your home while it circulates. Therefore, to keep your home sanitary and hygienic, you should have your ducts professionally cleaned. Doing so will decrease the quantity of dust that is moving through your home. To ensure that you obtain optimum services for your home in Michigan, make sure to ask your potential duct cleaner the following questions before hiring them.

How Often Do I Need to Have My Ducts Cleaned?

Some new property owners may be unsure how much air duct cleaning is actually required. To determine what level of cleaning may be necessary, a thorough technician will ask you detailed questions about your home, such as how recently the ducts have been cleaned, whether you have any pets, and whether you have recently undergone any remodeling or construction. Beyond that, professional duct cleaners can usually diagnose a problem after asking the necessary questions and inspecting crucial parts of your HVAC system.

How Much Do You Charge for Duct Cleaning Services?

The cost of cleaning air ducts is subject to various fees depending on the square footage. So, naturally, you wouldn’t anticipate paying the same amount to clean the air ducts in a 5000-square-foot home as in a 1000-square-foot house.

More air ducts, and thus more work for the expert, are present in larger homes. Some businesses will quote set pricing for a certain number of vents and then add a premium for any extra vents. When booking your appointment, all fees should be transparent and understood before work begins.

Can Your Technicians Provide Before and After Pictures of My Air Ducts?

The company that you’re considering may or may not give before and after images of your ducts, so if this is essential to you, you should inquire upfront before scheduling your appointment. In addition, some businesses might only include this service in their specialty cleaning services, while others might not provide it at all.

Do You Utilize Chemicals or Biocides?

Cleaning your air duct system will help shield your family from dangerous contaminants. So, why would you ignite the fire by endorsing the situation using more chemicals? Chemical biocides are occasionally suggested to remove mold and germs from air ducts and stop their growth in the future.

If such methods are proposed, carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks before agreeing to use them. Keep in mind that the EPA has not certified any chemical biocides for interior insulation of air duct systems.

What Sort of Tools Will Be Employed During the Air Duct Cleaning?

There are several methods for cleaning air ducts, and some are definitely more efficient than others. Essentially, air duct cleaning involves churning dirt free from the ducts and directing it toward a confinement device, leaving you with healthier air.

The storage system will include a vacuum of some sort, which can vary in size from a tiny hand-vac to a portable vacuum or a dolly to a truck-mounted or industrial-grade containment system. You can expect a higher premium will be attached to businesses that use cutting-edge machinery in their work.

How Long Has Your Business Been in Operation?

Consequently, committed and dishonest people coexist in the air duct cleaning sector. Conversely, those who aren’t dedicated to offering a high-quality product swiftly shut down and move on, maybe discovering there isn’t a quick profit to be made. An intelligent consumer will question the company’s history and the level of expertise of its personnel.

To retain its longevity and competitive advantage, a business with a long history of providing service and a sizable number of favorable evaluations has a vested interest in keeping its clients satisfied.

A pool of technicians with many years of on-the-job experience is also a priceless asset. They will have seen many unusual circumstances and setups that improve their troubleshooting abilities and capacity to evaluate a home’s HVAC cleaning requirements. A great company can equate to excellent service.

What References Do You Have?

When hiring contractors to work inside your house, it is advisable to request references. Any respectable business is eager to offer references. To learn what customers say about the company, look at their website and online reviews. Check for indications that the technicians are reliable, professional, and courteous.

How Will You Guarantee the Security of My Home While Cleaning?

Cleaning air ducts may be a dirty process. Look for businesses that employ drop cloths to keep debris off floors and furniture clean. To safeguard walls and trim, contractors should also install plastic shields.

To avoid bringing dust and other particles into your house, technicians must also wear coverings over their shoes. Ask for professionals with years of expertise working on air duct systems and confirm that the firm does background checks to learn more about the company’s personnel screening procedures.

Is the Price Quoted the Price I Will Ultimately Pay?

Sadly, bait-and-switch schemes and other dubious pricing strategies have come to be associated with air duct cleaning, making customers wary. Some businesses lure clients in with unheard-of cheap whole-house air duct cleaning offers before delivering subpar, mediocre service. These businesses also try to include superfluous services and extras that are not essential. You can trust C & C Heating & Air Conditioning believes in being honest and straightforward with our prices as well as our service.

Can You Check Other HVAC Components?

Your home’s HVAC system consists of several components that function concurrently, including your air ducts, which do not work independently. Therefore, an air duct cleaning alone might not be adequate if one system element is unclean because they are all interrelated.

A competent specialist will examine the system’s other components, including the furnace, air exchanger, etc., and, if required, provide recommendations for their upkeep. Many businesses offer special rates for additional services done during the same visit.

What Guidelines Do You Abide By?

The EPA and NADCA have regulations and guidelines for cleaning air ducts. Although the EPA does not certify air duct cleaners, it does offer a post-cleaning checklist so that you know what to anticipate from an HVAC contractor or other duct cleaning service. Additionally, since NADCA membership entails achieving rigorous standards, you may search for a business that belongs to the association.

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