Can Weather Conditions Affect Your Air Conditioning Unit?

May 18, 2022
AC Installation in Roseville, MI

Macomb County experiences just about every type of weather you can imagine. The summers are hot, spring and fall are temperate, and winter can be inclement. Sometimes, weather conditions will fluctuate drastically within one week. With these many different conditions, you may wonder, what impact do weather fluctuations have on your AC system?

Storms and High Winds

During the spring and fall, Michigan is known for having blustery days. Heavy winds can lead to broken tree limbs and debris collecting around your home. Quality air conditioners have been designed to withstand these weather fluctuations. Still, it is not wrong to have an outdoor unit inspected after a heavy storm.

A routine inspection would ensure that no debris has collected around the system and make sure that your unit is still level on the ground. If it stops working after a significant storm, look at your circuit breaker to ensure it has not been tripped. This is an easy fix that often repairs AC issues. If after taking these basic troubleshooting steps your unit is still not functioning, contact the trained experts at C & C Heating & Air Conditioning. We will be happy to inspect your unit and to get it working again.

Heavy Rainfall

Springtime in Detroit means heavy rain showers. You may be curious if there is something you should do to protect your AC unit from getting wet. Your outdoor AC unit has been manufactured to withstand heavy rains. Still, you want to monitor the area around your unit to ensure that there is not any heavy flooding or sitting water. If water is allowed to sit around the outdoor part of your AC unit for an extended amount of time, it could lead to damage that will render your AC unit inoperable.

Snow and Ice

Winters in Detroit can be a nightmare. The weather can be unpredictable. The snow will not usually damage your air conditioning system. However, if large amounts of snow are allowed to pile up on or around your air conditioning unit, this could lead to problems in the spring.

You are not going to operate your AC unit during the snowfall. However, excessive moisture from collected snow could block the airflow within the system. Any snowdrifts built up around the outdoor AC unit should be removed. You must have experienced technicians check the outdoor component of your AC system each springtime to make sure that when you turn your unit on, it works as you expect it to.

Extreme Temperatures

The term “polar vortex” has become all too familiar in Detroit. Winter temperatures can fall well below zero, and summer temperatures can rise more than a hundred degrees. Unfortunately, most air conditioning issues happen when the outdoor temperatures are at their worst.

For example, if you experience several days of temperatures over 100 degrees, your air conditioning system is working hard to compensate. The best way to ensure that your air conditioning unit will work reliably during extreme temperatures is to keep up with your annual maintenance. A tune-up can detect minor issues that need to be corrected before leading to your AC unit breaking down when you need it to work the most.

At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we are happy to provide you with recommendations for cleaning and maintaining your unit. Our annual professional maintenance can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your AC system will keep your home cool during the hottest months of the year.

Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Winter

During the winter, the outdoor part of your air conditioning unit is exposed to extreme cold and blowing snow. There are a few steps that you can take to protect your AC unit during the winter.

In late fall, when you know that you will not use your AC unit anymore during the year, find the air conditioning circuit near your unit, and turn the switch off. This will ensure that your AC unit does not activate during warmer winter days. This will keep out water that could potentially freeze in the unit.

Next, use a hose to wash away any bird excrement, dirt, bugs, and dust from the outdoor part of your air conditioning unit. Remove dead grass, leaves, and small branches. Give your unit time to dry completely before moving to the following maintenance step.

Cut and fit foam as pipe covers to protect exposed pipes. This will insulate the pipes, protecting them against the colder winter temperatures. Use duct tape to wrap the foam covers securely around your air conditioner’s pipes.

A vinyl or plastic cover should cover the air conditioning unit completely. Your manufacturer may have already designed a specific cover for your unit. If C & C Heating & Air Conditioning installs your air conditioning unit, we will ensure that you have the cover you need for the winter. Use a rope or a bungee cord to wrap the cover around the AC unit, protecting it from strong winds.

Check the cover periodically to ensure it is securely fastened. Brush away any debris on top of your AC unit, like twigs, ice, or snow. Prepping your AC unit for winter is a little bit of work. But come summertime, you will be happy when your AC unit starts up as it should and keeps your home cool.

Getting Your AC Unit Ready for Summer

As the summer temperatures rise, don’t get caught in the simmering heat. Spring is a perfect time to do a little bit of annual maintenance to get your AC unit ready for use.

First, ensure that the circuit breaker to your air conditioning system is off. Next, clean and replace filters. Dirty filters restrict airflow and reduce your air conditioning unit’s efficiency. Also, dusty filters could recirculate dust into your home. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning or replacing your filters, don’t worry. Give us a call at C & C Heating & Air Conditioning. We will do the dirty work for you.

It would help to clean debris from the air conditioning unit’s fan and coil. If your AC unit was not adequately covered during the winter, debris has likely collected and clogged the coils. These coils need to be spotless so that your condenser unit works at its highest efficiency.

Check the coolant lines to see if any are frayed or missing insulation. If so, replace them with new foam insulation sleeves. Finally, test your newly cleaned air conditioning unit by turning the power back on.

If you notice damage to the air conditioner’s sealed refrigeration system, don’t try to repair it yourself. This job should be handled by the professional HVAC service technicians at C & C Heating & Air Conditioning. However, you can do minor maintenance tasks yourself.

Working With Top-Rated HVAC Professionals in Macomb County

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