For quality Duct Repair and Duct Cleaning services in the Grosse Pointe, MI area, you’ll always get high-quality work from our team at C & C Heating & Air Conditioning. Whether you realize it or not, the condition of your home’s air ducts has a massive impact on your household. Having dirty or damaged ductwork will be detrimental to your comfort, financial situation, and air quality. You never want to rely heavily on your heating or cooling appliances without having healthy ducts.

    Duct Repair in Grosse Point

    Duct Repair in Grosse Pointe

    When you have your ducts professionally cleaned, you receive quite a few benefits for your investment. First and foremost, your air ducts, which serve as the pathways for your HVAC appliances, get cleansed of all their accumulated contaminant particles. That means those pollutants will no longer get cycled into the air that you’re breathing. In fact, you may notice immediately that you can breathe a bit more comfortably in your home. Getting rid of the dust, dirt, and debris also means that they won’t have the opportunity to clog and obstruct your ducts.

    Obstructed ducts can wreak havoc not just on your comfort but also on the health of your heating and cooling systems. When your heater or air conditioner has to put in lots of extra work to keep you comfortable, that shortens its life expectancy and increases the chances of a breakdown. If your ducts are clogged, those appliances have to work much harder to push enough conditioned air through the pathways. If this is happening in your home, you may notice your monthly energy bills drastically rising. You may also notice that you have less control over the climate of the house.

    Duct Repair in Grosse PointeSo, regular ductwork cleanings keep your HVAC system healthier, more efficient, and more capable of keeping you comfortable. Those aren’t the only benefits of duct cleaning, though. In addition to those household improvements, cleaning appointments also give a trained expert the chance to thoroughly inspect all of your air ducts. That way, they have a great chance of catching any problems early on, and you can have them remedied or repaired before they cause real damage.

    While examining your ductwork, these are some of the issues that your technician may discover:
    • Leaky ducts
    • Loose connecting joints
    • Mold or mildew growth
    • Pest infestations

    If left unchecked, all of these problems can have serious negative impacts on your household. If your ductwork is suffering from one or more leaks, cracks, or tears, it’s going to be much harder for your heater and AC unit to do their jobs. While they circulate air, large quantities of it will be seeping out through those openings before they can reach your living areas. In some cases, these leaks will only affect specific parts of your home. In those cases, you’ll likely notice uneven temperatures whenever you’re using your heating or cooling appliance. Other times, every room of the house will be affected, and you’ll have very little control over your comfort. Additionally, leaky or damaged ducts will worsen the efficiency and health of your HVAC system. This is because it must compensate for all of the air that’s escaping during circulation.

    Damaged ductwork also opens your home up to the risk of mold, mildew, or pest infestations. Fungi love damp places, and damaged air ducts are susceptible to condensation and water entry. Pests, such as small rodents and insects, will simply find their way into the ducts by crawling through any leaks or other openings. When it comes to mold or mildew, the most common indicator will be a stale, musty odor filling up your home. That smell comes from mold spores in the air, and breathing them in consistently can result in respiratory health problems.

    As for pests, you may also notice unpleasant smells. Sometimes, you might hear strange noises coming from behind the walls. If you’re noticing any of these red flags, it’d be prudent to bring in a ductwork expert for an inspection as soon as possible. They’ll thoroughly clean the pathways for your heating and air systems and ensure that your air ducts are healthy and functional.

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