When you need duct repair for your Macomb Township, MI household, our experts at C & C Heating & Air Conditioning can handle the job. If you’re unsure of the condition of your ductwork, it’d be wise to invest in professional duct cleaning. Not only will the cleaning clear out the pathways that your HVAC appliances need to circulate air, but the technician will also be able to determine the overall health of your ductwork. With this convenient service, you can get all of your air duct improvements out of the way in one easy appointment.

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    Although you may not think about them often, your air ducts play a pivotal role in the comfort, efficiency, and overall functionality of your household. Without those ducts, your heating and cooling systems would have no means to circulate warm and cool air to the different areas of your home. However, your ductwork will inevitably accumulate contaminants such as dirt, dust, pollen, and pet dander over time. When enough of those pollutant particles accumulate, it can start to have negative effects on the way your household operates.

    Your Local Duct Cleaning ExpertsFor one thing, all that dirt and dust is going to get picked up when air circulates through the ducts. As a result, it will end up all over your home and in the air that you’re breathing. Excessively dusty air can cause skin issues, eye irritation, and a sore throat.

    The problems become even worse if enough contaminants build up to cause clogs in your ductwork. When dust and debris obstruct the pathways that your heating and cooling appliances use to distribute air, those systems suddenly need to work much harder to do their jobs. Usually, they’ll need to increase their air pressure just to push the conditioned oxygen through, and it still may not be enough to provide you with sufficient comfort. That extra effort has multiple negative effects on your appliances; it will worsen their energy efficiency, shorten their lifespans, and greatly increase the likelihood of a breakdown or a major malfunction.

    During duct cleaning, your hired professional can confirm that you don’t have any ongoing problems with mold or pests. Even more importantly, they’ll be able to inspect the overall health of the ducts and search for any leaks or damaged areas.

    If you’re concerned that your ducts may be dirty or damaged, stay diligent in looking for the red flags.
    • Weakened heating or cooling
    • Uneven temperatures from room to room
    • Smell of mold or mildew in home
    • Loud popping, banging, or booming noises
    • Energy bills rising inexplicably

    Duct RepairIf you suspect that your air ducts are being hampered by leaks or other damage, you don’t want to procrastinate calling in a trained professional. When these openings are plaguing your ductwork, it means you’ll be losing significant amounts of cold or hot air while your HVAC appliances are attempting to keep you comfortable. That means you’ll have to keep your heating and cooling systems longer to achieve a pleasant temperature, which puts extra mileage on the equipment, worsening their usefulness and efficiency.

    Leaking or damaged ducts frequently cause uneven household temperatures as well. If the air ducts leading to your living room have a major leak, they’re going to lose a lot of the conditioned air that’s meant for that part of the house. As a result, that room probably won’t be the correct temperature, even if the rest of the house is. Depending on the location and the severity of the leaks or damage, you may find that you can’t consistently control the climate anywhere in your home. If you’re having these issues and are unsure why, the cause may be found in your ducts.

    If you’re hearing loud, persistent banging or popping noises when you first turn on your HVAC appliances, that’s another indicator of a ductwork problem. Usually, that sound is the result of the metal in your ducts expanding, and it’s worth having a technician take a look at the concern as soon as you can.

    As you can see, having clean, healthy ducts will bring benefits to numerous different aspects of your household. Your appliances will be more efficient and healthier, you’ll breathe easier, and you’ll end up spending quite a bit less money in the long run.

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