If you need duct repair for your Rochester Hills, MI home, our skilled experts at C & C Heating & Air Conditioning are the right ones for the job. By serving as the pathways for your heating and cooling systems, air ducts play a crucial role in household comfort and efficiency. When you schedule a duct cleaning, your hired ductwork professional will also be able to determine if there’s any damage in need of repairs. That way, you’ll kill two birds with one stone and enjoy the numerous benefits that come from having clean, healthy ductwork.

    Duct Repair in Rochester Hills

    Benefits of Duct Cleaning

    When your air ducts are dirty or damaged, it makes things significantly harder for your heating and cooling appliances. When particles of dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, and random debris accumulate and clog up your ducts, your HVAC systems no longer have a clear pathway to circulate air. As a result, they have to strain themselves by increasing the air pressure, which burns through more energy and accelerates their deterioration. With clean ductwork, your heater and air conditioner will enjoy longer, healthier lifespans, and your monthly energy bills will be consistently lower.

    Duct RepairDirty ducts can also lead to excessive dust ending up in your vents and the air that you’re breathing. If there are lots of dust particles built up within the ductwork and air vents, it’s inevitable that many of them will get picked up when cool or warm air circulates through. If you start noticing that your home seems unusually dusty, it may mean that you require duct cleaning. In some cases, you may also notice irritation of your eyes, nose, throat, or skin.

    The other major benefit of duct cleaning is that it provides an opportunity to inspect your ductwork. While cleaning out all of those contaminants, your ductwork expert will be able to check for any leaks, loose fittings, or damage.

    These are some of the indicators that there may be a problem with your ductwork:
    • Uneven heating or cooling
    • Lots of dust in vents and indoor air
    • Loud banging noise when turning on HVAC appliance
    • Weak heating or cooling
    • Moldy odor

    Benefits of Duct CleaningIf your ductwork is harboring leaks or damage, it allows the conditioned air to escape before it reaches your living space. Not only do your heating and cooling systems have to compensate for that lost air, but it also results in uneven temperatures and weak airflow. Forcing your appliances to make up for that loss is detrimental to their health and increases the chance of breakdowns and malfunctions.

    Signs You May Need Duct Cleaning

    In some cases, rather than uneven temperatures, you’ll simply notice that your heating and cooling appliances are struggling to provide enough air in general. For example, it may take far longer than usual for the home to heat up or cool down when you crank up the AC or heater. When your ducts are in really bad shape, you may just not be able to get your home to a comfortable temperature, no matter how long you run your heater or air conditioner. These are all potential indicators that your air ducts need professional attention.

    Damaged ducts also put you at risk for mold and mildew growth, which you’ll usually notice in the form of a damp, musty odor. Mold and mildew need moisture to flourish, and damaged ductwork frequently leads to condensation. Additionally, moisture can find its way into the ducts through any openings or leaks. Suddenly, you’ve got a growing fungus colony on your hands, which can lead to serious respiratory issues if you breathe in the spores for a prolonged period.

    If you’re regularly hearing a loud popping, banging, or booming noise when you first turn on your furnace or air conditioner, that’s another symptom of damaged ductwork. By having your ducts cleaned and checked out by a professional, you’ll avoid these issues and enjoy maximum comfort and efficiency.

    Duct Repair Team in Rochester Hills

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