When you need professional Duct Repair near Shelby Township, you’ll always receive high-quality work from our team at C & C Heating & Air Conditioning. Ideally, you should schedule ductwork cleaning each year, and you should also be aware of the indicators that it needs to be inspected or repaired. Many homeowners don’t realize how important of a role their air ducts play in keeping their household running smoothly. Whenever you’re using your heating or cooling system, the condition of your ductwork is affecting its performance, efficiency, and overall health.

    Duct Repair in Shelby Township

    Duct Repair Experts in Shelby Township

    Before cool or warm air from your HVAC appliances reaches your living areas, all of it must pass through your air ducts. When those air ducts are clean and healthy, your heater and AC unit can circulate air through them easily, without taking on excessive wear and tear or wasting costly energy. However, your ducts won’t remain clean and healthy permanently if you don’t give them the attention they require.

    Even households that receive regular cleanings tend to harbor contaminant particles. Whether it’s dust, dirt, pet dander, or pollen, those pollutants will eventually find their way into your air ducts. A little bit of dust is no big deal, but if you go too long without having them cleaned, those air ducts will eventually accumulate enough contaminants to start causing problems. For one thing, much of that dust will be picked up by air circulating through, and it’ll end up in the air you breathe and on the surfaces of your home. If enough dirt, dust, and debris are allowed to build up, though, it can form major obstructions.

    Duct Repair Experts in Shelby TownshipWhen your ducts are obstructed, the pathway for your appliances to circulate air becomes tighter. As a result, it will take more effort and energy for your heating and cooling systems to push the conditioned air through. Not only will that result in decreased comfort around your home, but it will also hamper the energy efficiency and life expectancy of your HVAC appliances. In fact, dirty or clogged air ducts will have a direct impact on your monthly heating and cooling bills because of the extra energy being used. These negative effects are especially prominent during the more extreme weather of summer and winter.

    By having your ducts cleaned regularly, you can avoid all of these issues. Equally importantly, our duct cleaning technicians will also take the opportunity to inspect the overall health of the ductwork. If your ducts are harboring any cracks, tears, leaks, or loose fittings, they’ll be uncovered during the cleaning. The earlier you catch those kinds of problems, the better your chances of avoiding discomfort and financial stress.

    If you observe one or more of these household red flags, it’s a clear indicator that you should have your ductwork cleaned and inspected.
    • Loud and strange noises when starting appliances
    • Moldy odor
    • Uneven or inadequate heating and cooling
    • Monthly energy bills rising
    • Frequent appliance breakdowns

    Duct RepairIf you hear a loud, persistent popping or banging noise every time you start up one of your HVAC appliances, it’s most likely the metal in your ductwork expanding. It isn’t necessarily a serious issue, but it would be wise to have it checked out sooner than later. If left unchecked, it can potentially lead to rips or cracks opening within the ducts, and that’s when the real issues start to pile up quickly in your home.

    The less conditioned air your heating and cooling appliances have to produce, the less wear and tear they accumulate. Less wear and tear means fewer mechanical problems, better energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan. With leaky ducts, though, much of the hot and cool air that those appliances produce is being lost. So, to keep your household at a comfortable temperature, they have to keep working and circulate more of it, and that puts extra mileage on the equipment.

    As added problems, duct leaks also lead to mold colonies and pest infestations. The mold shows up and flourishes due to condensation or water seeping into the ducts. In many cases, that fungus is joined by little rodents and insects that crawl their way through the same openings. When you have your ducts cleaned and checked out by a professional, they can make sure you don’t have these invasive problems.

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