When in your Macomb Township, MI home, do you get a tickle in your throat? What about the occasional cough or urge to sneeze? Indoor air quality is a measure of the number of pollutants floating through your home. Allergens, dust, dirt, bacteria, mold, viruses, and other particles can become a significant health issue, particularly when your home is well-insulated. While that insulation helps keep your home warm during the cold winters in Macomb Township, it doesn’t let the air inside refresh. At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help by installing air filtration systems that improve your indoor air quality from the front door to the back.

    Indoor Air Quality in Macomb Township MI

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    Indoor Air Quality Assistance in Macomb Township

    The air you breathe is critical to your health. ASHRAE recommends an air exchange rate of no less than 15 cubic feet per minute. In the average home, it can take up to an hour to exchange the air in a single room. Rooms without exterior doors and windows take longer to get fresh air. Keeping the air clean in your home is important for your overall health.

    Indoor Air Quality Assistance in Macomb Township

    Some signs that you might want to install air filtration or other mechanisms to improve your home air quality might include:

    • Dry skin
    • Seasonal coughing or sneezing
    • Dry or itchy eyes
    • Headaches or shortness of breath

    At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we install the Lennox PureAir system to attack all three types of pollutants: particles, mold/bacteria/mildew, and odors/chemical vapors. The system installs with your existing heating and cooling system, cleaning the air as it enters your ducts. The PureAir system uses UV lights that are germicidal to improve your air quality.

    Creating an Ideal Indoor Environment

    Humidity also plays a vital role in determining your indoor air quality. The ideal humidity level is between 30-50%. When humidity levels get too high, it can create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. High humidity can also lead to water damage as condensation occurs on walls, windows, and in your vents. Dehumidifiers take that extra moisture out of the air during the summer when running the air conditioning.

    In the winter, dry air can become a problem. When the humidity level in your home drops below 30%, it can lead to health problems such as dry skin and itchy eyes. Dry air may also prematurely age your furniture and other wood in your home. Dry wood is brittle and prone to cracking.

    At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we use whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers to achieve moisture levels that won’t cause you problems. After an inspection of your home, our team of pros can make recommendations for the best products. You get durable, reliable humidity control, all installed quickly and without leaving a mess.

    Local Air FIltration Installation

    At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re happy to be one of the leading installers of indoor air quality products in Macomb Township. With more than six decades of experience working in Macomb Township, we know what you need to maximize your comfort at home. Our installers arrive on time, work quickly, and clean up after every job. Then, we take the time to make sure you know how to operate and maintain any equipment installed. We also offer financing options to qualified customers, making it more affordable to get service done when needed. The estimate is free if you’re considering a new air filtration system, and we can get you on the schedule fast. Are you tired of waking up with a cough or buying lotion in bulk? Contact us for a free estimate on a whole-home indoor air quality system.

    We’re proud to offer expert assistance for all major home systems. Give us a call today to discuss how we can improve the quality of the air you breathe. Our experts also provide air conditioning and heating services!