The Best 8 Brands for Heating and Cooling Systems

April 13, 2023
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When you need to replace or install an HVAC system in your home, it’s a major investment. You are going to spend a lot of money on something you hope to rely on for many years, so you need to make sure you pick something great. That might start with choosing a great brand of heating and cooling systems before selecting a particular model. A few reputable brands populate the modern market, and some of them have been doing business for more than a century. Picking the eight best brands in any industry can get subjective, but each of the names included here has earned their right to be considered as a solution for heating and cooling in your home.

1. Trane

You’ve probably heard that it’s “hard to stop a Trane,” but did you know that this brand was entrusted with the chillers that keep the Chunnel Tunnel between Britain and France at relatively bearable temperatures? This brand has been around for 135 years, and they’re known for efficient and reliable HVAC solutions. Trane equipment often has the industry’s best dependability ratings. One interesting thing about Trane is how they sell units by product numbers rather than product lines. That might make shopping a bit harder, but technicians find it easier.

2. Carrier

If quiet and efficient operations are important to you, then look at what Carrier has to offer. A handful of the air conditioners Carrier has will operate as low as 51 decibels. This means you’re not going to pay much attention to the roaring rumble that other AC owners might have to deal with when temperatures are high outside. Carrier also provides several humidity control and air purification solutions to make things even more comfortable at home. You can even control your system remotely thanks to a smartphone app that communicates with smart thermostats for the utmost comprehensive convenience. Most registered Carrier products even carry a 10-year limited warranty for parts.

3. Rheem

Rheem started a century ago in the city of Atlanta, and it has since grown into a global supplier of HVAC solutions, boilers, and hot water heaters. This brand is known for durability and reliability across the industry, but the real strength seems to be energy efficiency. Many Rheem units rank higher than the rest, and a lot of the others are still near the best in the industry. Rheem keeps cooling costs affordable thanks to making some of the industry’s best air conditioning compressors. This brand is nearly comparable to Trane in terms of quality, but the affordability is far better.

4. American Standard

This has been a safe standby brand going back to 1929. Affordable air conditioning units are available with limited 10-year warranties, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Still, you also get top-notch features, such as fan motors with variable speeds. You can also get AccuComfort or AccuLink smart thermostats for more comfort and control. Their network of certified dealers is available across most markets.

5. Lennox

Lennox units are known for quiet, efficient operation, and that’s because they use some of the industry’s most advanced technology. This is also one of the older brands in the industry, as they were founded in 1895 with the patent for the first-ever riveted steel furnace. Lennox got into air conditioning in 1952, and their modern high-end units can adjust their cooling automatically due to climate sensor readings built right into the unit. Some of them can even harness the power of the sun thanks to the SunSource technology Lennox has developed.

6. Amana

Amana is another legacy brand in the industry, having started as Amana Refrigerator back in 1934. They’re perhaps better known for refrigerators and dishwashers over the course of their history, but they sold their appliance lines to Maytag over a generation ago. They now focus on just HVAC solutions. Their models don’t always have the best SEER ratings in the industry, but there’s still some impressive technology involved. Amana changed the heating industry when they rolled out a stainless-steel heat exchanger under the Million-Air line that comes with a lifetime warranty. That set a new industry standard for durability and placed Amana among the most innovative brands on the market.

7. York

This is a residential HVAC brand whose reputation is supported by the commercial side of its operations. York products are used in quite a few major landmarks. This brand started around 150 years ago in the Pennsylvania town of the same name, and they made a name for themselves by making ice machines. York is famous for being involved with the first building ever cooled by air conditioning. It’s also the AC provider of choice for notable landmarks that include the United States Capitol, the Sydney Opera House, and the Empire State Building. Many York product lines are rated for Energy Star status.

8. Ruud

Ruud started out by making some of the earliest automatic water heaters in the 1880s, but they started doing HVAC in the 1950s. You can find their modern HVAC solutions in their Value, Achiever, and Ultra product lines. Some of the Ultra units hit 19.5 in SEER ratings. If you’re looking for affordability, then the Value line has very economical price points with good operation. Replacement parts for Ruud systems are usually very affordable, fast to install, and easy to find.

What Should You Look for in a Brand?

While it can be impressive that a brand has been around for a century or more, that doesn’t always immediately mean they’re one of the best options today. There are several factors you should investigate when judging the best brands in the industry. Customer service is certainly one of them, especially if you’re going to rely on brand-certified technicians or manufacturer warranties.

Noise levels are also important to consider. The quieter the better. Units are often rated in decibels, listed as dB. The best units fall in the range of 50 to 60 dB, which is about the volume of quiet conversations or restaurant chatter. Vacuum cleaners usually register around 70 dB, while garbage disposals often hit 80 dB or more for comparison.

Intelligent cooling is another great feature, which is just another name for smart-home integration. This kind of technology lets you monitor and manage your HVAC via your smartphone. That means you can adjust it from anywhere in your home without walking to your thermostat, but you can also manage it when away from home.

Ask Your Area Professionals

Picking a great heating and cooling system can be challenging, but it’s a lot easier if you start by sifting through the best brands in the industry. The biggest names are known for performance, value, and reliability. They also have many local technicians trained or certified in the installation and operation of their products. To find out what brands work well in and around Macomb County, contact us at C & C Heating & Air Conditioning. We will answer your questions and provide you with quotes about our cooling, heating, HVAC, and ductless services for your home.

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