Things to Consider When Buying a New AC

July 10, 2020

new AC tipsAs you get ready to purchase a new AC, there are several factors to consider. A new AC unit is a big-ticket appliance that requires an investment. It is also an appliance that helps you remain comfortable inside your Roseville, MI, home. So, when you pick out the new unit, you should have peace of mind and confidence that you made the right choice. At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning, we have experience helping our customers find the best cooling system for their needs. Here are some factors to consider before you purchase your new unit.

1. Size

There is an array of AC units on the market. They range from portable sizes to extremely large ones. Each size is appropriate for specific circumstances. In your case, you have to determine where the AC is going to live. Then, you can measure the space. If you are going to take the ductless route, you need to determine how many units you need. Then, you need to ensure that each room has enough space for the unit.

When you are replacing an old unit, there is an existing space where the new one will live. So, you simply need to find one that matches those measurements. If you are planning a remodel, you need to determine how much space you are going to allot to your new AC unit.

2. Load Calculation

The load calculation plays a large role in the new unit you should purchase. This also helps you narrow down your choices. One of our team members can do this for you. You simply need to make an appointment. To calculate the load, we consider the thermal characteristics of your home and its cooling capacity. Factors we put into the calculation include the following:

  • Size of the house
  • Climate zone
  • Roof material
  • Directional orientation
  • Number of appliances

The calculation optimizes the unit that you should purchase. It contributes directly to the management of your energy costs. If you purchase a unit that is too big for your home, it is going to turn on and off more often. Every time it turns on, it eats up more energy. This is known as short cycling. Short cycling also contributes to uneven cooling, reduced indoor comfort and high humidity levels during the warmer months.

This calculation is also known as tonnage. Whether or not you have an attic or basement is taken into consideration, too. If you have either, whether or not they are insulated plays a role, too. If there are ways for the air to escape, it is factored in because the unit is going to work harder. At the very least, the unit is going to run for longer lengths of time.

3. SEER Rating

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Your goal is to find an AC unit recommended by the result of the load calculation and a high SEER rating. The U.S. Department of Energy plays a role in the rating. Industry professionals recommend that individuals find a unit that has a rating of at least 14. The recommended range is from 14 to 22. This ratio is calculated by looking at the cooling output of a unit over a cooling season divided by the amount of energy it needs in the form of watts/hours. The higher the rating, the more effective the unit. You can also expect the rating to play a role in the price of a unit.

4. Energy Star Rating

The United States Environmental Protection Agency sets the standards for the Energy Star rating. Products and appliances that have the logo have met the strict guidelines set forth by the EPA. This means that you can be confident the appliance is going to be energy efficient. You can also be confident that the AC unit is going to help you achieve comfort in your home without raising your energy costs much from overuse.

5. Maintenance Requirements

Every cooling system has to be serviced at least once a year. Units that include a HEPA air filter are efficient at removing a large percentage of particles found in the indoor air of a home. Since they are so efficient, though, the air filter has to be changed on a monthly basis. This is something that you can do yourself, or you can schedule a standing monthly appointment with professionals like ourselves to complete the task. As long as you keep up with these kinds of maintenance requirements, your new unit is going to reward you with energy efficiency, indoor comfort and a return on your investment.

6. The Compressor

The most important component of a cooling unit is the compressor. This is considered to be the heart of the system. When it is not working properly, the unit cannot produce cold air. The fans may still operate, but they will not help cool off your home. Today, compressors are available in single-stage and two-stage.

The single-stage compressor only runs on one-speed, which is fast. It gets the job done, but the speed can also increase your energy costs. The two-stage allows the speed to vary between high and low. Since it can change speed, the unit provides more even cooling. Usually, in a small space, the low setting gets the job done. The low speed remains consistent and uses less energy. This leads to lower energy bills.

7. Buying in the Offseason

When the weather heats up, cooling units are more in-demand. This can cause their prices to increase. During the offseason, though, you may find excellent units at a lesser price because this is when demand falls. So, consider completing your purchase during this time of the year. Professionals like C & C Heating & Air Conditioning in Roseville provide cooling and heating services, but we are still available to help install a new AC unit when the warm months have gone for the season.

A new AC unit should be professionally installed. This ensures that it is going to operate as expected. Plus, it gives us an opportunity to help you get to know your new system. The newest models include several features that are worth using. One is that they are compatible with smart thermostats and other smart home appliances. By installing a smart thermostat, you can control your new AC from your smartphone or tablet. You simply have to sync it up with your home’s Wi-Fi.

As you shop around, you are encouraged to get at least three quotes for the unit you are interested in buying and its installation. This gives you a sense of how much you should expect to pay in total. Then, you can decide if you have budgeted the correct amount toward the investment. This is a process that requires due diligence simply because you want to get it right. It is worth taking advantage of the latest features and advancements the latest cooling systems have to offer.

At C & C Heating & Air Conditioning in Roseville, our team can walk you through the process of finding the best AC unit for your home. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment. We also offer duct cleaning, indoor air quality assessment and air conditioner repair services.

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