Common Thermostat Issues and Solutions

May 24, 2024

The heating and cooling system in your home usually has a thermostat which is its’ control center. If your thermostat encounters any issues, you are sure to have a bad day at home. Besides, having a malfunctioning thermostat especially during extreme seasons can be a nightmare to anyone. For this reason, it is important to understand some of the common issues your thermostat might have, so you may know how to go about them.

1. Temperature

You will know that your thermostat has issues when the temperature is not adjusting normally. A thermostat in good condition will automate when cooling or heating. This means that when the cooling is severe, the thermostat should automatically start decreasing it without any strain. When the heating is too hot, then it should automate to regulate the normal heat. In this case, a damaged thermostat will be dormant and most likely will not have any effect when it comes to severe cooling or heating.

Where you place your thermostat matters a lot. A thermostat needs to be placed away from direct sunlight, as this is a device that is created to control or manage your heating and cooling system. When placed in direct sunlight, the moderator will detect sunlight warmth and alert the air conditioner to keep warm even when it is supposed to be cooling. Always position your thermostat in a strategic place at home.

2. Non-Stop HVAC Operation

If your heating or cooling system is running nonstop, no matter how much you try to control it, that can be a sign of a damaged thermostat. A thermostat is the heart of the entire heating and cooling system. When it is not in good condition, the systems will run uncontrollably. When this happens, ensure that you switch the thermostat off as you call for a professional service provider like C & C Heating & Air Conditioning.

If your thermostat runs nonstop, consider restarting the entire system by switching it off and then on from the main switch. Modernized thermostats can normally be easily managed by checking the settings. If this does not work, don’t hesitate to involve a professional technician. If you are using an old model, seek professional help, as this might turn out to be a complex issue. It is advisable to always be careful and avoid doing it yourself, as you might cause more damage to your system.

3. Short Lifespan

A thermostat failure may occur due to aging. In most cases, your thermostat will service your home for quite a long time. However, everything that has been working for prolonged years will reach a breaking point. An aged thermostat will keep breaking down in intervals, which can cost you big time.

When installing a thermostat, the type of quality matters a lot. Some thermostats are made of poor-quality materials, making them have a short life span. It is, therefore, necessary to go for high-quality ones that will serve you efficiently for a longer duration. Some poor-quality thermostats will age within a short period of use, and you can end up spending more to replace them. Always do thorough research when it comes to purchasing your thermostat. Ask for opinions from professionals like C & C Heating & Air Conditioning.

4. Settings

Modern thermostats are digitally designed. This means that they are computerized and that for them to work effectively, the settings must be appropriate. These are smart thermostats that entirely depend on automated systems. Unlike old systems that are controlled manually, smart thermostats work based on preset features. In this case, if the settings are tampered with, the thermostat will incur some issues that can cause improper functioning of the system.

When installing your system, consider using modernized thermostats. This is because their settings have been preset in a manner that you can easily understand. The settings of a thermostat matter as they will allow you to save time and money. Go for high-quality systems and enjoy the latest features of your thermostat’s heating and cooling system.

5. Switching

A damaged thermostat will have switching issues. This means that turning the system on and off will be problematic. For instance, it might take longer to switch on and off, or it might stop working altogether. Avoid forcing the thermostat switch, as this may lead to more severe damage than it already has.

An easy way to tackle the switching issue is to clean and check your thermostat every now and then. If you neglect cleaning parts like the switch, it can accumulate dirt and debris that will damage it. It is advisable to have your thermostat cleaned and maintained appropriately by a professional because they understand the system better.

6. Wiring

Poor wiring from thermostat installations can cause issues with your heating and cooling system. Sometimes, rodents can also invade your system and chew on the wires. This can cause them to short circuit and even risk starting an electrical fire. Wiring issues can be very risky, as they can cause the entire heating and cooling system to break down, which can be costly.

You can always avoid poor wiring by hiring the right professionals for installation. It is okay to spend a few coins and have the entire system handled in a professional way rather than having an unqualified person do it. A well-installed thermostat will have a prolonged life span that will keep you from spending more on constant repairs. Additionally, cleaning and maintaining your system regularly can curb the invasion of pests like mice that chew on the wires.

7. Blank Screen

At some point, you may have encountered a blank screen on your thermostat. It is a common issue that is usually due to low or depleted thermostat batteries. Blank screens can also be caused by an electrical issue that has short-circuited the system.

To solve this, consider having the batteries replaced with new ones. If this does not work, the reason could be a blown fuse. Contact a professional to replace the fuse with a high-quality one to avoid unnecessary breakdowns. They can also check if the circuit breaker is functioning normally and repair it if needed.

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